Sale Rent Of Property

Selling a property:

Selling a home, plot, factory, or any other property is done with caution. Buyers usually make sure to invest in a property that is in a prime location and has minimal Vastu defects. Buyers sometimes refuse the deals if a property has Vastu defects or issues as they might bring misfortune or bad luck.

Negativity in the property:-  Buyer feels uncomfortable and uneasy while making a visit to such premises.  Vibrations are weaker at such places.

Bad history of the property:-  Some buyer refuses to visit the property which has a history of insolvency or death in the house. They consider property having a serious illness in the family as a bad Vastu.

The irregular shape of the property:-  A house with an L shape or with many cuts is not a good choice to buy as per Vastu. Such an L shape creates instability in life.

Serious Vastu defect:-  Property is difficult to sell when it has some serious Vastu defects like toilets or kitchen in the northeast, pillar in the centre,  inauspicious door location, etc. Hence such property fetches lower prices.

Using Vastu Shastra for selling a property

  • Get five elements of Vastu balanced in the property. Correct these by using the Vastu corrective method under the supervision of a Vastu expert.
  • Get space purified with Vastu tools.  Apply sound therapy to correct the Vastu defect. Purified space attracts good vibrations resulting in a quick sale.

Not able to sell the property? Getting queries but not getting the real deal?  There are possibilities of property having multiple or major Vastu defect.-Get your property evaluated by our experts.


Vastu for renting a house

The Vastu is applicable to a house that affects the tenant as well as the owner of the house. However, the adverse effects have considerably more effects on the owner of the house than on the tenant. If the owner is staying elsewhere the main effects will be on the tenant of the house.

According to Vastu, an owner of many houses will be affected by the Vastu defects in all those houses, and repetition of the same effect in more than one house will lead to serious damages to the owner.

If any kind of religious activity is performed by the tenant in the house, the major benefit of such religious activities will go to the owner of the house and not to the tenant. If the owner of the house and the tenant residing in the same building. Vastu advises that the owner should occupy the topmost floor and all the floors below should be rented out, Le a floor above the floor occupied by the owner must never be occupied by the tenant.

In case, when the owner and the tenant reside on the same floor. The owner of the house should live in the south or west portion of the house and only the north and east portions can be rented out. And an outhouse in the southwest of the house must never be rented out as this may lead to tenant becoming dominant

In case you're facing issues with selling or renting property, please feel free to get in touch with Destiny Wworld and our Vastu experts will suggest the best remedies for the same.