Industrial Vastu

Vastu for Factories/Industries

Vastu is the science of architecture and design that can be applied to any space in your life including your home, plots, industry or office setups. Setting up a new industry or factory involves hundreds of questions on set up and production or manufacturing. But the major answer lies in vastu shastra. Vastu isn't the solution to every problem but it is more of a science of the place we live or work in. 

Vastu is based on generating the positive energy through five elements, Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Space.When the power of these great elements is harnessed in a positive way, success and good fortune follow easily. Most noteworthy, Vastu has the potential to add value to a company. 

Vastu shastra is unprecedentedly increasing over the decade with the advent of globalization and the economy. Whatever be the type of industry the vastu principles broadly remains the same and should be kept in mind while preparing the building, commencing the construction, installing the machinery or turning out to clients. Vastu enhances the quality of your industrial productivity over a period of time.

We at Destiny Wworld create a detailed analysis of the finest aspects related to manufacturing in an industry. We believe in understanding each and every process involved in the industry at a deeper level and comprehend the best solution to escalate the quality of the desired results for our customers. As every industry is varied inventively, our solutions are customized in a way that suits every industry type, from manufacturing and production to distribution and retailing.

We aim to stimulate the growth of every industry at a higher level, which not only creates opportunities for the people around us but also upgrades the standards of the client and the company. Vastu vidhya, as many people are becoming aware, builds prestigious as well as prosperous organizations. Every organization faces diversified problems but the basic principles are the same for every industry type but customizing as per our clientele forte is our goal. For example, Quality is needed in every industry; but priority differs as per the industry; Example; In the Food industry, Taste comes first. In the Personal Accessories industry, Design comes first and in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality in terms of composition is the first and design, taste and price are lesser important factors for commercial success of the medicine.


Our analysis and remedies can help you in:

  • Getting more orders and smoother sales
  • Increased brand-strength and market share
  • Achieve satisfactory presence and growth in targeted domestic and overseas markets
  • Optimum performance of man & machinery
  • Higher production
  • Better quality and improved efficiency
  • Controlling wastage, rejections and thefts
  • Resolve labour unrests
  • Overcome departmental issues and litigations
  • Smoother relations with banks and other financial institutions facilitating in-time support
  • Procurement of raw-material is regularized
  • Improved relations with vendors
  • Safer work environment and reduction of accidents to Nil
  • Overcome departmental issues and litigations

A Detailed Analysis Of Some Of The Following Aspects Is Done:

  • Positioning of key machinery
  • Electrical control rooms and transformers
  • Storage of raw-material and finished goods
  • Movement of goods within the factory
  • Location of cabins , offices ok key personnel and labour quarters
  • Storage of packaging material
  • Kitchen, pantry and toilets
  • Elevation and slopes
  • Adjacent buildings and roads