At DESTINY WWORLD we offer an in-depth analysis of your birth chart. Our astrology report gives you insights into the planetary positions in your horoscope. The idea is to help you identify the planets which are suitably placed and have the potential to give you the inner strength to grow and succeed in life.

After a detailed analysis, we recommend the appropriate gem stones if required, beneficial colours etc. The report is prepared after the analysis of your birth date time and place of birth. 

In your Astrological Analysis Report, you not only get valuable suggestions for solving your problems, but you also discover many important and beneficial aspects pertaining to your stars. For example,

  • The Core Strengths that you carry by birth that will give you success in different domains of life like finance, property, health, relationships, children, profession, achievements and gains.
  • The Strength of your current Vimshottari Dasha or the ruling period. It is helpful in pin- pointing important and beneficial future events of life
  • Your emotional strengths (your intentions, creativity, inclinations, and analytical abilities) calculated through a detailed analysis. This can help you decode and utilize your latent potential to achieve greater heights in life
  • The most effective and beneficial Gemstone with correct Metal Compositions, Lucky Colours, Beneficial Directions etc.
  • Most effective Remedies and Solutions for your problems based upon a detailed scientific analysis of your Birth Chart (horoscope
  • Astrological recommendations for Do's and Don'ts