Delay In Marriage

Delay in marriage-

Marriage is considered as one of the biggest responsibilities on part of the parents. Getting their son and daughter engaged at the right age and to a good partner is what every parent wishes for their kids from an early age. Since the kid reaches the marriageable age, every parent initiates finding a match for their children, but finding it at the right time can sometimes be chaotic and worrisome.

Not everyone finds the right match, at the right time. And this can be a cause of mental pressure within the family. Pressure from society and clashes among family members, depression, negativity in the house can creep into one’s life.

Often families mistake these delays and dosh for astrology, Kundli matching services, etc but in many cases, that's not where the problem resides. The actual problem can be due to Vastu Dosh.

A Vastu Dosh at home can be a major cause for delay in marriage, if you can relate, read further!

How Vastu Shastra Affects Marriage

As per Vastu shastra, certain defects in a home lead to delay in marriage, clashes among husband and wife after marriage, separation, and even divorce.

Though separation and divorce are different in marriage:

Separation: A couple isn’t living together but they are still married.

Divorce: A couple is legally not a husband and wife anymore and is “legally” separated.

Both the situations can arise as a cause of clashes between husband and wife, which can be due to Vastu's defect.

Also, Delay in marriage is another Vastu defect that can create stress and problems in a family. It is important to look into these matters and avoid certain conditions that create Vastu defects at home:

Delay in marriage:- What to avoid

1.      Avoid underground water tanks in the South-West corner.

2.     Avoid a plot that slopes from North-East to South-West.

3.     Girl (after her menstruation cycle has started) must avoid sleeping in the North-East and South-West bedroom.

4.     A marriageable boy must avoid sleeping in a South-East bedroom.

5.     Avoid a staircase or anything heavy at the centre of a home.

Vastu Tips for Early Marriage – What to Follow

1.      A girl (after her menstruation cycle has started) must sleep in the North-West bedroom.

2.     If the North-West bedroom is absent, then she can sleep in the West bedroom with her head in the West or South direction.

3.     Make sure that bedsheets etc. are light-colored such as pink, baby pink, violet.

4.     A boy, of marriageable age, can sleep in a North-East or South-West bedroom. However, the South-West bedroom must be used by the master of the house.

5.     If the North-East bedroom isn’t available, then he can sleep in the South bedroom.


Vastu for a happy and peaceful married life

Though all relationships and not just marriage include fights and arguments but when a happy marriage turns into daily battlegrounds it becomes a matter of concern and brings a lot of negativity to home. It not only disturbs mental peace but acts as a slow poison to a happy family. Hence, measures should be taken to avoid such circumstances and avoid Vastu defects for a happy, peaceful married life.

Vastu Shastra and Peaceful Married Life – What to Avoid

1.      Avoid sleeping in the South-East bedroom.

2.     Avoid sleeping in the North-East bedroom.

3.     Never have a kitchen in the North-East.

4.     Never keep thorny and bonsai plants.

5.     Avoid dark colours for walls of the bedroom.

6.     Avoid metal beds.

7.     Avoid beds with storage (even if wooden).

8.     Don’t keep mirrors in the bedroom.

9.     Avoid extension in the South-East part of your home.

Here’s the list of Vastu tips that you must follow for a peaceful married life.

Vastu Tips for a Peaceful Married Life

1.      Sleep in the South-West or South bedroom.

2.     Paint the bedroom with light and soothing colours.

3.     Use a single mattress on the bed; prefer using a single quilt.

4.     A wooden bed is recommended as per Vastu shastra.

5.     Buy a square or rectangular bed (length to breadth ratio is max. 1:2).

6.     You can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom; make sure to change them often.

7.     Keep the North-East part of your home clean and clutter-free.

We sincerely believe that following and avoiding the above-mentioned points will eliminate the delay in marriage and would definitely help you to live a really peaceful married life.