Residential Vastu

Residential Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra is an ancient wisdom of our culture. Vastu strengthens the positive vibes in a home and magnifies the positivity in and around the house. It brings prosperity and success for the family members. Vastu finds its guidance from the natural world to inform our built environment. It aims at achieving harmony and prosperous living by eliminating the negative energies.  Eliminating the negative and enhancing the positive at any location will help to build occupants, whether individuals, families, or businesses. It not only becomes more prosperous and progressive but also creates a zone of positive as well as balanced life for everyone. 

Vastu Shastra for houses is our forte. 

Our solutions range from consulting in houses, plots, flats, apartments. Under it we conduct a detailed analysis of home entrance, bathroom, room, washroom (bathroom and toilet), kitchen, shafts, Open Spaces, Floor levels, Slopes, Height – Weight, Other Factors like- Verandah, balconies, basement, Septic tank, Sewage & water flow, parking,Overhead tank, underground water bodies(borings), etc.

Our solutions are custom-made as per the client’s convenience. We aim at providing the best possible solutions that can promote positive life-changing eventualities. We draw upon our expertise and experience over the course of years that helps in easing the difficulties our clients face especially in personal and family matters. Over the years, we have researched & designed certain Vastu imbalance rectification systems and protocols which when applied have given us astonishing results.

We provide an open platform to our clients through our web services and immediate social media response to reach us at any point of time. We aim at providing an opportunity to our customers to engage in one-to-one meetings and personalised solutions. 

Destiny Wworld offers the following Residential Vastu consultation services.

  1. Selection of Site for Home.
  2. Selection Of Flat-Apartments.
  3. Selection of Home.
  4. Vastu Correction of Existing Buildings.
  5. Interior position as per Vastu.
  6. Vastu for Building Planning.

On-Site Vastu Consultation Process

  1. Our Vastu experts will visit your residential premises. We go through the entire location and a detailed survey report is crafted to find the flaw and shortcoming of the site that creates blockages in your life. 
  2. The survey report is prepared according to the exact size of all rooms, the position of kitchen and toilets, orientation, main door location, slope and the position of the interiors, wall paints, etc.
  3. Survey of different types of obstruction of the main gate like T-Point,tree,shadow, buildings ,temples, hospitals, cemetery, pole etc.
  4. Detailed report is prepared after reviewing the survey report with all the collected details of the site.
  5. We target at providing a detailed analysis within a week or so.

 Online Vastu consultation Process

  1. Send us a scaled plan of your residential premises with direction and dimension.
  2. Discuss your requirements or queries over the Phone or Email.
  3. We will prepare a detailed Vastu report on the basis of Your scaled map, Direction, and requirements.
  4. A detailed report will be sent to you within a week or so

Zero Demolitions and Practical Solutions:

With the advancement in city construction, there has been a shift in modern construction. We offer practical solutions which are easy to apply and show results.

We at DestinyWWorld provide powerful Vastu solutions without any demolitions or impractical shifting of structures. We fully realise that in most countries other than India, it is practically impossible to make any structural changes no matter how small they are.

And as per the modern flat system, we cannot even perform major changes in India as well. This is exactly why we’ve devised simple solutions which involve no demolitions. Our solutions are very easy to apply and very affordable.

Online Vastu Consultation - The 3 Step Process

1. Once we receive the above details along with the payments, our team will review the property details.
2. We then set up a Phone / Zoom/ Whatsapp call with you to get a detailed understanding of the challenges you’re facing or the expectations you have from an online Vastu consultation.
3. We prepare a comprehensive online Vastu evaluation report for your property which includes all recommendations to make your property Vastu compliant. You can rest assured that our online Vastu consultation report will be as detailed and effective as a personal on-site consultation. We say this confidently on the basis of our long pedigree of offering online Vastu consultation to thousands of satisfied clients all across the globe.

Contents Of The Online Vastu Consultation Report

1. A beautiful looking colored Vastu floor plan indicating all remedial suggestions
2. A precise mathematical chart indicating the strength & weaknesses of the Vastu energy fields in each direction.
3. Proper arrangement of furniture, beds, wardrobes, etc.
4. Recommendation for colour schemes for wall paints and upholstery for each room.
5. Suggestions for increasing the Vastu energies for more positivity in your space.

Our online Vastu recommendations are purely scientific and based on authentic Vastu Shastra guidelines mentioned in the ancient scriptures.

Consultation Follow-Up

1. Once we complete the online Vastu consultation process by sending you the report and explaining everything in detail to you, our job doesn’t end there.
2. Should you need any further assistance, we shall be in constant touch and follow up with you to assess updates on Vastu implementations.
3. Our Vastu consultant online service promises to hand hold you at every stage you need us.
4. Remember, we’re here not just to build a business, but to create a lasting partnership with you. And we promise to do everything it takes to go a long way together.