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    Money & Opportunity/Customer Foot Fall        Health Issues                                Stress/Confused/Heaviness 
    Happiness & Fun in Life                                  Social & Association Issues           Over Thinking, Anxiety, Insomnia  
    Poor Analysis                                                  Cash Flow                                      Low Mental & Physical Strength   
    Lack of Name, Fame & Relaxation                  Over Expenditure                           Losses                                             
    Disturbed Relationship                                    Instability in Life                              No Savings
    Children Study Issue                                        No Gains & Profits in Business/Life Depression
    Emotional Set Backs                                        Lack of Support in Life                     Poor Credit History with Bank
    Payment block                                                 Delay in marriage                              Looking Forward for Bank Loan/Support
    Good Will Issue
    Industry Specific-
    Industry- Need more orders and smoother sales Industry- Want to increase brand-strength and market share
    Industry- Achieve satisfactory presence and growth in targeted domestic and overseas markets Industry- Optimum performance of man & machinery
    Industry- Higher production Industry- Better quality and improved efficiency Industry- Controlling wastage, rejections and thefts
    Industry- Resolve labour unrests Industry- Overcome departmental issues and litigations
    Industry- Smoother relations with banks and other financial institutions facilitating in-time support Industry- Procurement of raw-material is regularized
    Industry-Improved relations with vendors Industry- Safer work environment and reduction of accidents to Nil Industry- Overcome departmental issues and litigations