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Vastu Devtas cource

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Online Advance 45 Vastu Devta Course (Param Shahi Padati)

  1. Easy Learning of 45 Vastu Devta Attributes.
  2. Learn How to use Easy Devta Mapping Tool without having any prior knowledge of Auto -Cad.
  3. Easy Devta Bar Chart Technique.
  4. Know Devta Bogs
  5. Vedic Hawanas of Devta.
  6. Learn to obtain your desirable results from Vastu Devtas.
  7. Remedies of Vastu Devtas using Home Groceries .
  8. Quantity of Devta Remedies to be used .
  9. Case Study Sessions.
  10. Mapping  Dev Energies in Activities Going Around You.
  11. How to create Professional Devta  Reporting for Clients.
  12. Case Studies on Industries and How Acharya ji Obtained Results using Devta Remedies.
  13. Myth Behind Devta Field.
  14. Vedic Methodology Behind Devta Fields
  15. Cautions Using Devta Field.
  16. Know Devta Field Dosha while Conversation Client.